Sunday, October 20, 2013

Why Maintenance Matters…..

We are so grateful to live in an area where the employment is relatively stable. Where we have clean water that comes from our tap and an abundance of fresh foods at our fingertips. Not many communities in our world can say that with confidence. How we approach maintenance in our home, health, cars and landscapes helps shape our gratitude. When we gain a deep personal satisfaction for caring for ourselves and those things around us, a part of that value is monetary, but perhaps more important is its emotional and psychological value. A neat and preserved landscape will be worth more both financially (an average of 15% more value if selling a property) and aesthetically. Pleasing scenes give daily satisfaction to a returning owner, and create a favorable first impression on visitors.

Part of our mission statement and our primary purpose at Jefferson Landscaping is to eliminate the chaos from your landscape and introduce calm and beauty into your life. Pleasant surroundings invite us to take joy in being outside and marveling in the colors. We feel a little more vibrant and it can help give the strength to expand daily maintenance into other aspects of our lives.