Saturday, April 26, 2014

Splashes of color….

The rule of thumb for our area is to install seasonal color after Mother’s Day weekend. All chance of frost has passed by then and we are safe to transform our pots and garden beds without fear of losing them to a rogue freeze. We love preparing for the event. We have numerous customers for whom we install color, as well as herbs and vegetables. At our home, we decided the four months of non-stop bold, vibrant color was worth the investment in time and effort. We have spots of annual color throughout our entire property.

When we started doing color in the landscape and not just around the house we found that manually watering our plants would take up to two hours a day and was very wasteful. We have added drip irrigation to the areas we install seasonal color which has freed up our time but more importantly uses far less water. We are changing to drip irrigation in our vegetable garden this year.