Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Gift of Giving…..

We are living in turbulent times. Turn on the TV and you will find a half a dozen reasons to feel afraid, hunker down and hope for the best. It is time to step beyond the borders of our comfort zone take some risks. What brings me the greatest joy in life is the gift of giving and being able to receive with grace. Each of us are given natural talents and strengths and when I focus what that gift might be in whomever I meet I am giving the gift of presence. The joy I feel and connection I make when I find that hidden gem or passion is the gift I receive in return. It may be math, cooking, writing, humor (like our friend who channels Elvis below) or heart but there is always a special trait waiting to be discovered. As long as I have the courage to risk rejection, speak candidly and be willing to own what makes me unique I will have a successful life.