Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Technologies….

Jefferson Landscaping launched a pilot program in January of 2012 to convert two of our mowers to propane. It was so successful that we have recently started converting the rest of our fleet of mowers to include all twenty-one inch and thirty-six inch mowers.
Propane is an alternative fuel source to gasoline which is a cleaner burning fuel resulting in a less polluted environment. Propane is certified with the EPA as an alternative fuel. We will be the first Landscape Company in the Northwest to convert and update all mowers to an alternative fuel source. Our goal is to reduce Jefferson Landscaping’s carbon footprint and to set precedence for reducing emissions in the Green Industry. Cleaner fuel, cleaner environment, clean air quality for generations to come.  See the videos!

Battery Operated Equipment…..
We have started testing battery operated hand held equipment. Besides lowering emissions these units will not be a loud as other units. If you’re interested in participating in this pilot program, please call Linda Carroll @ 206-992-9117. It is exciting to be the pioneers for a cleaner technology and we believe together we can do our part to conserve.

Windows Nokia 920 phones…..
We have standardized on the Nokia 920 Windows phones for all of our team leaders and management. This will allow us to improve our internal and external communications. The hi-resolution built-in camera will allow us to train and answer questions from our team leaders while in the field. Very exciting!

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