Thursday, January 1, 2015

Walking with purpose....

As I get older, my approach to the daily tasks in my life has changed dramatically. I spent years focused on my lists, the making of lists, figuring out the quickest way to hammer through the tasks on my lists and rewarding myself upon completion of the tasks on my list. I discovered I was able to achieve a lot but I was I was rarely present during the process. I found that being so task oriented I was missing the bigger picture and connections that give purpose to the daily minutiae. I was treating my life as a dress rehearsal and I was either mired in the past or anticipating the outcome of my endless lists of tasks. Trudging through life can be a self- imposed chore or a walk with purpose. Today I choose to walk with purpose. I have found that it is the daily minutiae that makes up the fabric of my life and the more mindful I am of each moment the more insights I gain and the richer my experience.

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